"The Ultimate In Minimal Running Apparel!"

History has always taught us that less is more. The same applies in running. No more uncomfortable baggy shorts flapping in the wind and holding you back from realizing your running goals. The MaraThong is created to streamline everything, but still provide you with the comfort and function to perform come race day. The MaraThong is guaranteed to be fast.

Awesome MaraThong Features

Years of testing and innovation has lead to the ultimate in endurance running apparel.
We've not only added to your running lifestyle, we've also taken away.

Moisture Wicking

Our proprietary fabric is soft and comfortable, but still breathes and wicks away excess sweat.

Anti-Chafe Design

Less fabric means less contact area. Silky smooth seams and edges for incredible comfort and no rashes.

Safety Included

Reflective logo and integrated accents mean your safety for all those early morning or late night runs. (LED kit coming soon)

Key Pocket, Bib Fasteners, And Gel Holder

Attach your race bib with our simple button system, and tuck away your gels for later on. So easy!

Syncs Easily With The App!

Who says wearable technology has to be bulky? We've engineered the MaraThong to record and report more data than any other device.
GPS, heat sensor, and USB rechargable. Ditch the watch, and try the MaraThong App. (Also syncs with all popular services.)

Tracks Vital Data

The MaraThong tracks all kinds of data. Track your pace, distance, body temp, heart rate, and even hydration levels in our awesome app!

Share And Challenge

Simply tap a button and show your friends what your MaraThong is saying, or setup a challenge and see who's MaraThong is fastest.

GPS Enabled Route Tracking

Your MaraThong not only tracks your body, but tracks your route accurately and easily. Just turn it on, and run!

Simple Interface

Easy visuals help you use data to make your runs faster, and more fun. Look over all your past data to see trends and health reports.

The MaraThong On Social Media

Everyone is talking about it, and they are selling like hotcakes. You'll be seeing a ton of these at all the races this year! #TheMaraThong

Coming Soon From MaraThong

With the original MaraThong complete, we have a lot more projects coming down the pipeline.
We're just trying to make fast people faster, and make sure your runs are more enjoyable.

Elite String

Speed For The Pros

Our lightest and fastest MaraThong yet! Just enough to cover everything and place a few sponsor logos.

Male MaraThong

Speed For Guys

Just like the original but designed with a guy in mind. We've reinvented men's running apparel.

Hydration Kit

The Ultra-MaraThong

Add this hydration kit to your MaraThong for that extra long run... Great for the 100 miler in you.

PR Pasties

Maximum Speed, Minimum Drag

Light, Aerodynamic, Anti-Chafe. Drop the tank top and go with these for pure speed.


With 4 different colors, and sizes from XS to XXXL, there's a MaraThong for everyone.
Don't waste time, these will sell fast!


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