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StrideBox delivers an assortment of running accessories, gear, and nutritional products to your door each month.

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StrideBox is a fun and exciting way to discover running products and accessories. Each month, as a member, you will receive a curated box of apparel, accessories, and nutrition products to fuel your training sessions, workouts, and races.

How It Works...

How StrideBox Works:

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On The StrideBlog

  • The Transition from Road to Trail

        Running on roads is fairly simple.  I emphasize fairly because we all know that simply getting out the front door for a run can be tough.  But once you’re out there, the possibilities for running routes are limitless. Besides a bit of curb-hopping, roads allow the brain to run on auto-pilot. But while […]

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  • Podcasts To Get Your Brain and Body Moving

      I love running with friends and chatting, but I can’t always make the timing work. Many runs I end up going solo, either listening to music or podcasts. Podcasts keep me entertained, and sometimes I even learn something. If you haven’t listened to podcasts while running before I very much recommend it.  When you […]

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  • Hydration, Electrolytes, and Recovery…Oh My!

      In every StrideBox there are usually a few pouches of powdery goodness to add to your plain ol’ water. Maybe they are just to add some color to a cloudy day or add some flavor to the salty sweat that is running down your face when you run. But really, some are to aid […]

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